Style : Belgian-Style Dubbel
Location : United States - Texas
Brewery : Celis

Facts about Dubbel Ale

dubbel ale from Victory Brewing Company, will be available in 750 ml corked bottles.
dubbel ale style, it is packed with an array of flavors such as ripe dark fruits, caramel, chocolate, baking spices and pepper.
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Dubbel ale, made with smoked malts that are typically found in Rachbier’s. An extension of their “V” series line of beers, Otto, is a brand new beer for the Pensylvania brewing company.
Dubbel ale is brewed with Belgian malt and golden brown sugar for a malty, complex ale that is lightly hopped.
Dubbel Ale Story of the Bottle A collaboration between Sierra Nevada and the monks at the Abbey of New Clairvaux, Ovila Abbel Dubbel brings the centuries-old monastery brewing
Dubbel Ale, Belgian Style Abbey Ale beer label Celis Dubbel Ale Belgian Style Abbey Ale Celis Brewery Celis Golden, Hill Country Beer beer label Celis Golden Hill Country Beer Celis Brewery
Dubbel Ale, Saison, Belgian Blonde, Belgian Strong Golden, Belgian Orange, Belgian Ardennes, Trappist Ale, Belgian Strong Golden II, Belgian Blonde II, Belgian Orange II, Dubbel Ale II On Deck:Belgian Orange III MarkUsBrew is offline Reply With Quote Old 12-27-2006, 06:29 AM #3 Drunk Monkey Senior MemberRecipes
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Dubbel Ale holds up this tradition. Coming in at seven percent alcohol by volume and sporting a very dark pour, it’s certainly nothing to scoff at.
Dubbel Ale * 2 tbls tomato, garlic and chilli sauce/chutney * 2 tbls chopped parsley * 350g of finely chopped/minced sirloin * ½ tsp salt * black pepper Method - In a bowl mix
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Dubbel Ale, featuring a creamy head, fragrance of special malt, and a rich, complex flavor of herb and fruit.
Dubbel Ale earns its appellation by being brewed with double the normal grain bill and the addition of Belgian dark candi sugar. Fermenting with Trappist yeast creates dark fruit esters.
Dubbel Ale A truly spiritual ale, Evil 8° will blur the lines of what you think you know about American beer.