Style : American-Style Pale Ale
Location : United States - Washington
Brewery : Pacific Rim

Facts about Driftwood Ale

Driftwood Ale * Howe Sound Garibaldi Honey Pale Ale * Phillips Chocolate Porter * Phillips Amnesiac Double IPA * Driftwood Farmhand Ale * Salt Spring Island Pale Ale * Salt Spring Island Golden Ale The Little Wine List That Could - Red Wine By the GlassI present to you a small but intelligent selection of wines from British Columbia and around the world
Driftwood Ale Style: Golden Ale, Blond Ale, American Pale Ale Origin: Driftwood Brewery of Victoria, BC Canada Characteristics: Dry and restrained malt character allows the hops to shine through.
Driftwood Ale $2 and wells for $3.50 are standard happy hour, but they offer other drink specials that vary.
Driftwood Ale is more hop focused than our other Belgian styles. The citrusy, melon fruity hop character makes a nice foil to the earthiness of a creamy mushroom pizza.
Driftwood Ale, Driftwood Brewery 6 18 Feature Draught 6 18 Feature Bottle (650 mL bottle) Moretti (330 mL bottle) 6 Peroni Nastro Azzurro (330 mL bottle) 6 Bibite (analcolico) - San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 500ml 3 San Pellegrino Limonata & Aranciata 3 Brio Chinotto 3 Blue Sky Natural Cola, Ginger Ale & Rootbeer 3 Santa Cruz Organic Apple Juice 3 Ice Tea made with Silk Road Jewel of India 3 All prices in Canadian dollars • 12% HST applies 2960 Bridge Street Victoria, BC Canada 250.590.
*Driftwood Ale –A Northwest-style pale ale with aromas of hops and citrus blending with a mild malt body and an exceptionally clean crisp finish. Farmhand – A tradional Belgian-style Saison.
Driftwood Ale Aromas of hops and citrus that blend with a light malt character and a clean crisp finish.
Driftwood Ale, Crooked Coast Amber Green Flash Brewing (San Diego, CA) West Coast IPA Howe Sound Brewing (Squamish, BC) Devils Elbow IPA, Baldwin & Coopers Bitter, Diamond Head Oatmeal Stout, King Heffy Wheat, Rail Ale Brown (all 1L bottles), plus Howe Sound Lager (6 can packs) Lighthouse
'Driftwood Ale' which is really rebranded Rogue Half-a-weizen) - Collins Pub - Elysian Fields (too
Driftwood Ale, to accompany his Northwestern cuisine.
driftwood ale manzo coffee braised beef short rib wood grilled vegetables, morels and pine nut oil fat tug ipa zeppole fried ricotta doughnut, milk chocolate centre caramelized banana, warm chocolate sauce crooked coast amber ale HOW TO
Driftwood ale The tipple's inspiration, Alfie, was a menacing stuffed red squirrel who used to watch over the bar at the Driftwood Spars pub at Trevaunance Cove, St Agnes. He mysteriously ...
Driftwood Ale, which appears to be a pale ale from the description on the website. Cheers to the newest BC craft brewery! More info: driftwoodbeer.
Driftwood Ale – They called this their old German beer.
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Driftwood Ale combination is the best deal in town. Another nice thing is their happy hour lasts from 3-8, not just the usual 3-6.
Driftwood Ale Cheers! Alison Rolston Okanagon Springs 1516 Kimberly Would love to attend! I’m a definate Driftwood fan. :-) Drew D.
Driftwood Ale tempura battered cod served with coleslaw, tartar sauce, lemon and steak cut fries Friday All Day Steak Sandwich $10.
Driftwood ale - This is Cornwall Pete Martin, Driftwood's head brewer, said: "It makes a bi... Paid Notice: Deaths RICE, JACQUELINE MILLER nytimes.
driftwood ale that was probably one of my favorites.