Style : German-Style Strong Doppelbock
Location : United States - Wisconsin
Brewery : Sprecher

Facts about Dopple Bock

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Dopple Bock This dark lager was originally brewed as liquid bread to sustain Bavarian monks while fasting.
Dopple Bock Always ready for the wack snack attack, I carry sandwiches around in a straight edge style JanSports backpack.
dopple bock at 9.
Dopple Bock is ok. Not as smooth as German dopples and lacking a sweet after taste. But it was good enough for the cause.
Dopple Bock Sprecher Bourbon Barrel Dopple Bock Sprecher Dopple Bock Spreew
dopple bock has a rich, assertive maltiness with a slight, but unique sweetness balanced by a moderate hop bitterness.
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Dopple Bock beers - Viking Dopple Bock Place of Orign: Viking Dopple Bock- A Bock beer as strong as the legendary Norse explorers.
Dopple Bock (Seasonal) Hefe Weizen (Seasonal) Kolsch (Seasonal) Marzen (Seasonal) Munich Lager Pale Ale Porter Unfiltered Wheat Square One Brewery Anniversary Ale Barleywine Bavarian Weizen Belgian Pale California Common Double Red
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Dopple Bock - April 28, 2008 ABV: 9% Color: Brown/Dark Amber A rich nose of roasted malt.
Dopple Bock Bozicno Klinskoye Sprecher Hefe Weiss Brahma Kokanee Sprecher Imperial Stout Bud Light La Becasse Sprecher India Pale Ale Budweiser Labatt Blue Sprecher Irish Stout Cafri Labatt Blue Light Sprecher Maibock Caracu Labatt Ice Sprecher Micro-light Cass Liber Sprecher Oktoberfest Castlemaine XXXX Lowenbrau Sprecher Piper's Scotch Ale Chernigivske Maibock Sprecher Pub Ale Delicator Doppelbock Marathon Sprecher Special Amber Diebels Mousel Sprecher Winter Brew Dimix Murphy's St.
Dopple Bock is a classic Milwaukee brew.
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Dopple Bock is a stronger version of Bock. Australian Lager Not much different than American / Canadian pilsner.