Style : Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale
Location : Netherlands
Brewery : De Molen

Facts about Donder and Bliksem

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Donder and Bliksem (means Thunder & Lightning in English), a pilsener; Storm & Averij (Storm & Damage), a double IPA; Pek & Veren (Tar & Feathers), a Smoked beer.
Donder and Bliksem (Thunder & Lightning), a lager beer in the Pilsener style. * Engels, made with Sladek hops from The Czech Republic.
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Donder and Bliksem found in America is labeled a "Double Dutch Ale" by the brewery. It might resemble an American Barleywine, if it weren't for its subtlety.
donder and bliksem in Dutch (transliterated) and donner and blitzen in German.
Donder and Bliksem Pek and Veren Storm and Averij Rasputin Imperial Stout Drie Horne, Kaatsheuvel Bananatana Grolsch, Enschede Heineken, Amsterdam Lager Dark Light Hemel,