Style : Specialty Honey Lager or Ale
Location : Canada - British Columbia
Brewery : Granville Island

Facts about Cypress Honey Lager

Cypress Honey Lager, are on tap across the city and now are made at a large out-of-town facility.
Cypress Honey Lager * Gastown Amber Ale * Robson Hefeweizen * English Bay Pale Ale * Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale
Cypress Honey Lager that is last but far from least. Crisp and mildly sweet this golden amber is rightly named after the home of the nectar of the gods.
Cypress Honey Lager - English Bay Pale Ale - Brockton I.P.A. - . . . . Sleeve $4.50 Pitcher $15 Diners Rendezvous Pilsner . . .Sleeve $4.50 Pitcher $15.
Cypress Honey Lager, Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale, English Bay Pale Ale, and Brockton IPA are the local GIB flavours now taking up residence in Alberta’s liquor store shelves and pub taps.
Cypress Honey Lager Local Microbrewry "People are not ready in Vancouver to pay $60 for a veal chop." Michel Jacob Chef/owner, Le Crocodile - 1.
Cypress Honey Lager- Vancouver * Granville Island IPA- Vancouver * Granville Island Heffeweizen-Vancouver * Granville Island Winter Ale * Kokanee- Creston * Okanagan Springs Pale Ale- Vernon * Okanagan Springs 1516-Vernon * Phillips Blue Buck Ale- Victoria
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Cypress Honey Lager is a lightly hopped beer with a hint of Pure British Columbia’s Fraser Valley honey.
Cypress Honey Lager, Gastown Amber Ale and Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale, the great tastes just kept on rolling. In 2004, a tour of other breweries in the Pacific Northwest inspired Robson Street Hefeweizen.
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Cypress Honey Lager, Brockton IPA, and Lions Winter Ale.
Cypress Honey Lager - Pure Fraser Valley honey gives this lager its distinct crispness and hint of sweetness in the finish. This liquid gold is an original pleasure for true lager fans.
Cypress Honey Lager: This was one of the first Vancouver microbreweries that I can remember, though I suspect it’s much larger now than when I lived in town.
Cypress Honey Lager (2009) Name: Granville Island Cypress Honey Lager (2009) Place of Origin: Vancouver, BC, Canada Style of Beer: Honey Beer Description: We use pure Fraser Valley honey to give this lager its distinct crispness and
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Cypress Honey Lager Sorbetto and my favourite Wort Gelato! James & Nina of Bella Gelateria The packed house enjoyed the evening of tasting as well as the music provided by Geoff Peters on Piano as well as other musical