Style : Robust Porter
Location : United States - Ohio
Brewery : Crooked River

Facts about Cool Mule Porter

Cool Mule Porter 1998 - World Beer Championships - Winter Ale - Yuletide Ale 1998 - World Beer Championships - American Ale - Lighthouse Gold 1998 - World Beer Championships - Amber Ale - Settler's Ale Brewery Information Brewery Type: Micro with an
Cool Mule Porter * Crazy Stallion * Bert Grant's Imperial Stout *
Cool Mule Porter Robust Porter United States - Ohio Crooked River Cooler / Кулер European-Style Pilsener Russia - Sankt-Peterburg Baltika Cooper River Red American-Style Amber/Red Ale United States - South Carolina T-Bonz (Mount Pleasant)
Cool Mule Porter Robust Porter United States - Ohio 1629 14½ 1996-09-26 Crooked River Original ESB English-Style (Extra Special) Strong Bitter United States - Ohio 3873 16 2001-08-11 Crooked Waters Steamboat Oatmeal Stout Oatmeal Stout United States - Illinois 3030 17½ 1998-08-08 Cropton Monkman's Slaughter (Special) Best
Cool Mule PorterRobust Porter * Date: September 26, 1996 (#1629)Package: draughtPlace: Great American Beer Festival, Denver COScore: 14½ pointsOverall Impression
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Cool Mule Porter coming in a close second!Don't forget about the Midwest BrewFest on April 28-29 at the cleveland Convention Center.More info and coupons are at: http://www.cleveland.
Cool Mule Porter,Crooked River Original ESB,Crooked Waters Steamboat Oatmeal Stout,Cropton Monkman's Slaughter,Cropton Rudolph's Revenge,Cross Plains Esser's Best,Cross Plains Esser's Cross Plains Special,Crown City Arroyo Amber Ale,Crown City Black Bear Stout,Crown City Mount
Cool Mule Porter /Crooked River Brewing, usa Crooked River Original ESB /Crooked River Brewing, usa Crooked Waters Steamboat Oatmeal Stout /Crooked Waters Brewing, usa Crop Circle /Hop Back Brewery, GB Cropton Monkman's Slaughter /Cropton Brewery Co.
Cool Mule Porter, Black Forest Lager, Settlers Ale and Lighthouse Gold (a kolsch) - retails for under $15. Info: JW Dover beer-wine supply store and Black Box Brewing Co., 24945 Detroit Road, Westlake; 440-871-0700;
Cool Mule Porter = Crooked River Cool Mule Porter - Porter * picture credits copyright may apply Score 95 95 OVERALL Style Crooked River Brewery (Snyder Intl) Brewed at Black Box Brewing Co Style: Porter Frederick, Maryland USAServe in English pint, Stem glass bottled available
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