Style : English-Style (Extra Special) Strong Bitter
Location : United States - California
Brewery : Pacific Coast

Facts about Cask ESB

cask ESB at the CAMRA Great British Beer Festival. 5.5% ABV. Available at most Fuller's pubs and selected free trade outlets.
cask ESB and Oatmeal stout, an ice brewed Hopsolutely with another dry hopping session (damn!), cask boubon barrel aged Insidious, and cask bourbon barrel Insidious with vanilla, among others (and other breweries).
Cask ESB- *Special tapping of NEW Real Cask Ale* Drafthouse ESB **OUR NEW HOUSE BREW!** Real Heavy Roggen Dunkel Appetizers will include: Beer Nuts
(Cask ESB tapped at 6:00pm.) Tue. Oct.
Cask ESB which was great as well as the IPA. Good beer and decent food. I enjoyed this stop more than most places in the area.
Cask ESB (served in good fashion - not oxidized), Black Fly Stout (dry Stout with Willamette and Cluster hops and six different grains).
cask ESB in little 12oz glasses is plain ridiculous: I could get the ESB in a pint, but not on cask, or on cask, but not in a pint!
cask ESB was particularly good. The service I received was very good; the waiter had several tables and was really hustling.
Cask ESB also is supremely tasty - a great session brew. The menu in the last year has really improved with greater selection and everything house made.
cask esb from brewers union local 180. I liked the food here.
cask ESB on tap.
Cask ESBEnglish-Style (Extra Special) Strong Bitter * Date: September 5, 1997 (#2237)Package: real alePlace: at the breweryScore: 16½ pointsOverall Impression Red-brown, real nice head.
Cask ESB was great. Eric G. Asheville's first no-smoking bar. Great open mic nights. Check out their pseudo house band "Sons of Ralph" an Asheville icon.
Cask ESB /Pacific Coast Brewing, usa Pacific Coast Code Blue Barleywine /Pacific Coast Brewing, usa Pacific Coast Emerald Ale /Pacific Coast Brewing, usa Pacific Coast Gary Whale /Pacific Coast Brewing, usa Pacific Coast Hammerhead Barleywine 1990 /Pacific Coast Brewing, usa Pacific Coast Harpoon ESB /Pacific Coast Brewing, usa Pacific Coast Harvest Ale /Pacific Coast Brewing, usa Pacific Coast Holiday IPA /Pacific Coast Brewing, usa Pacific Coast Humpback
Cask ESB English-Style (Extra Special) Strong Bitter Code Blue Barleywine Barley Wine-Style Ale Emerald Ale American-Style Pale Ale Gray Whale Tell Us Whats on Tap! Well, there are no photos yet, so how about the weather near Pacific Coast Brewing instead...
cask ESB was good, but not quite as fine as we'd been led to believe.
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