Style : Brown Porter
Location : United States - California
Brewery : Drake's

Facts about Captain's Porter

Captain's Porter * Apparition Ale * Dry Stout (goes on tap March 17) *
Captain's Porter, while Zach tried an even darker beer (if such a thing is possible), a Russian Stout brewed in whiskey barrels that really does taste powerfully of whiskey! Zach and I ordered blackened scallops and crab cakes,
Captain's Porter American Porter 6.10 4.16 4 write a review Cocoa Brown American Brown Ale 5.70 3.
Captain's Porter * Apparition Ale * Slow-vannah Pale Ale * Wild Wacky
Captain's Porter a sweet stout that will have you daydreaming of dark chocolate. 6.
Captain's Porter and the Claire de Lune have a good shot at the next World Beer Cup in April. The every-other-year competition is like "the Olympics of Beer," Pinkerton said.
Captain's Porter, Swamp Fox IPA, Claire de Lune (Kolsch) and the Wit are fine companions for a stroll around the River Street area. I had the pulled pork sandwich and slaw, not done on site but barbecued by locals.
Captain's Porter had really nice flavor, and Oud Bruin was surprisingly good (not my typical beer style). Overall, a perfect way to celebrate the race.
"Captain's Porter", "Frenchie's Scottish Ale", "Ramblin Rim Rye P.A.
Captain's Porter * Dubuisson Scaldis Prestige * Fantôme Dark White * Founders Double Trouble * Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout
Captain's Porter 377 Lind Drake's 352 356 Lind Drake's Ale 170 Lind Drake's Best Brown Ale 243 Lind Drake's Gold 686 Lind Drake's Golden Ale 64 Lind Drake's Pale Ale 124 Lind Drake's Real Ale 239 Lind Drake's Unfiltered Pale A 43 Lind Expansion Ale 33 Lind IPA 190 Lind Jolly Roger 407 Lind Jolly
Captain's Porter Lind's Y 95 Oktoberfest '90 Devil Mountain N 96 Oktoberbock Wilet's Y 97 Double Dragon Welsh Y
Captain's Porter Crane River Carhenge Wheat Tied House (Alameda) Cascade Amber Phantom Canyon Cascade Amber Ale Deschutes (Bond Street) Cascade Golden Ale (bottled) Santa Rosa Cascade IPA
Captain's Porter Brown Porter United States - California 998 14 1995-06-05 El Toro Deuce Imperial IPA Imperial or Double India Pale Ale United States - California 7427 16 2008-10-05 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2001 Barley Wine-Style Ale United States - California 6271 15½ 2007-01-09 Stone IPA American-Style India Pale Ale United States - California 5839 16½ 2006-02-15 Buffalo Bill's Buffalo Special Bitter English-Style (Extra Special) Strong Bitter United States - California 434 13½ 1994-10-07 Marin Point Reyes Porter Robust Porter United States - California 709 11 1995-01-12 North Coast Wintertime Ale
Captain's Porter Brown Porter United States - California Drake's Caramel Apple Ale English-Style Pale Mild Ale United States - Iowa Olde Main Caramel Bock Traditional German-Style Bock United States - Minnesota Schell Caramel Rye American-Style Rye Ale or Lager
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