Style : American-Style Lager
Location : United States - Washington
Brewery : Maritime Pacific

Facts about Cape Lager

Cape Lager American-Style Lager United States - Washington Maritime Pacific Capital Raspberry Wheat Garden (Fruit Wheat) Beer United States - Iowa Court Avenue Capitol ESB
Cape Lager American-Style Lager United States - Washington 244 13 1993-07-31 Maritime Pacific Jolly Roger United States - Washington 6022 18 2006-04-14
Cape LagerAmerican-Style Lager * Date: July 31, 1993 (#244)Package: draughtPlace: Oregon Brewers Festival, Portland ORScore: 13 pointsOverall Impression
Cape Lager I Cape Large I Cape Glare I Cape Lea Rig Cape Ale Rig Cape Gal Ire Cape Lag Ire Cape Rag Lei Cape Rag Lie Cape Gar Lei Cape Gar Lie Cape Ail Erg Cape Air Gel Cape Air Leg Pacer Gale I Caper Gale I Crape Gale I Recap Gale I Race Age Lip Race Gale Pi Race Lea Pig Race Ale Pig Race Gal Pie Race Lag Pie Race Gap Lei Race Gap Lie Race Ail Peg Care Age Lip Care Gale Pi Care Lea Pig Care Ale Pig Care Gal Pie Care Lag Pie Care Gap Lei Care Gap Lie Care Ail Peg Acre Age Lip Acre Gale Pi Acre Lea Pig Acre Ale Pig Acre Gal Pie Acre Lag Pie Acre Gap Lei Acre Gap Lie Acre Ail Peg Cigar Pea El Cigar Ape El Cigar La Pee Cigar Pa Eel Cigar Pa Lee Crag Lea Pie Crag Ale Pie Crag Pea Lei Crag Pea Lie Crag Ape Lei Crag Ape Lie Crag Ail Pee Pica Gale Re Pica Rage El Pica Gear El Pica Lea Erg Pica Ale Erg Pica Era Gel Pica Era Leg Pica Are Gel Pica Are Leg Pica Ear Gel Pica Ear Leg Pica Gal Ere Pica Lag Ere Pica Rag Eel Pica Rag Lee Pica Gar Eel Pica Gar Lee Carpi Age El Carpi La Gee Lac Eager Pi Lac Agree Pi Lac Age Pier Lac Age Ripe Lac Page Ire Lac Gape Ire Lac Rage Pie Lac Gear Pie Lac Pair Gee Clap Eager I Clap Agree I Clap Age Ire Clap Air Gee Cap Regale I Cap Age Rile Cap Age Lire Cap Agile Re Cap Gale Ire Cap Rage Lei Cap Rage Lie Cap Gear Lei Cap Gear Lie Cap Ilea Erg Cap Lair Gee Cap Rial Gee Cap Liar Gee Cap Lira Gee Cap Rail Gee Cap Air Glee Crap Eagle I Crap Age Lei Crap Age Lie Crap Ail Gee Carp Eagle I Carp Age Lei Carp Age Lie Carp Ail Gee Arc Eagle Pi Arc Age Pile Arc Gale Pie Arc Page Lei Arc Page Lie Arc Gape Lei Arc Gape Lie Arc Ilea Peg Arc Pail Gee Arc Pa Liege Car Eagle Pi Car Age Pile Car Gale Pie Car Page Lei Car Page Lie Car Gape Lei Car Gape Lie Car Ilea Peg Car Pail Gee Car Pa Liege Eager La Pic Agree La Pic Age Real Pic Age Earl Pic Age Era Clip Age Are Clip Age Ear Clip Age Pail Rec Age La Price Age Pal Rice Age Lap Rice Age Alp Rice Age Pa Relic Age Rap Lice Age Par Lice Agile Pa Rec Gale Era Pic Gale Are Pic Gale Ear Pic Gale Pa Rice Gale Rap Ice Gale Par Ice Regal Pa Ice Lager Pa Ice Large Pa Ice Glare Pa Ice Page Ail Rec Page La Rice Gape Ail Rec Gape La Rice Grape La Ice Pager La Ice Rage Lea Pic Rage Ale Pic Rage La Epic Rage Pal Ice Rage Lap Ice Rage Alp Ice Rage Pa Lice Gear Lea Pic Gear Ale Pic Gear La Epic Gear Pal Ice Gear Lap Ice Gear Alp Ice Gear Pa Lice Ilea Gap Rec Lea Gap Rice Lea Rag Epic Lea Gar Epic Ale Gap Rice Ale Rag Epic Ale Gar Epic Pale Rag Ice Pale Gar Ice Leap Rag Ice Leap Gar Ice Peal Rag Ice Peal Gar Ice Plea Rag Ice Plea Gar Ice Real Gap Ice Earl Gap Ice Pea Gal Rice Pea Lag Rice Pea Rag Lice Pea Gar Lice Ape Gal Rice Ape Lag Rice Ape Rag Lice Ape Gar Lice Rape Gal Ice Rape Lag Ice Reap Gal Ice Reap Lag Ice Pare Gal Ice Pare Lag Ice Pear Gal Ice Pear Lag Ice Era Gal Epic Era Lag Epic Era Gap Lice Are Gal Epic Are Lag Epic Are Gap Lice Ear Gal Epic Ear Lag Epic Ear Gap Lice Rag La Piece Gar La Piece A A Creel Pig A A Relic Peg A A Price Gel A A Price Leg A Ace Gel Rip A Ace Leg Rip A Ace Erg Lip A Ace El Prig A Ace El Grip A Cage El Rip A Cage Re Lip A Glace Rep I A Glace Per I A Glace Re Pi A Gelcap Re I A Grac
Cape Lager,Maritime Pacific Clipper Gold Hefeweizen,Maritime Pacific Firkin IPA,Maritime Pacific Flagship Red Alt Ale,Maritime Pacific Islander Pale Ale,Maritime Pacific Jolly Roger,Maritime Pacific Nightwatch Dark Ale,Maritime Pacific Old Seattle Lager,Maritime Pacific Portage Bay
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