Style : American-Style Lager
Location : Canada - Ontario
Brewery : Labatt

Facts about Canadian Ale

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Canadian Ale (2), Yeast Lab Dusseldorf Ale, WYeast American Ale, and BrewTek American White (2). The winning recipe was brewed with the Canadian Ale, but my personal favorite was brewed with the Dusseldorf Ale strain.
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Canadian Ale and is lighter in taste than most ales.
Canadian Ale and Kokanee are also popular in the U.S. Labatt Blue is now the number one Canadian beer in the United States and the number three imported beer, behind only Corona and Heineken.
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Canadian Ale is well-carbonated and a light-bodied brew where crisp hops provide all the flavor.
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Canadian ale of old. 5.0% alcohol by volume 'Taint Town Pale Ale Classic style of a British Bitter.
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Canadian Ale Canadian Ale is a rich, golden hue with hints of fruit and floral notes but very easy to drink.
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Canadian Ale to Doc's West London Dry Stout. Staff will be on hand to help, but customers get to do most everything themselves but firing up their kettles to gathering their ingredients.
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Canadian Ale, 12 bottles of wine, a Chrysler roadster wrecked, and the capture of the driver of the rum car, were the work of U.S. Customs patrol officers W.M.