Style : English-Style (Extra Special) Strong Bitter
Location : United States - California
Brewery : Faultline (Walnut Creek)

Facts about Burton Pale Ale

•Burton Pale Ale- Extract•Lancaster Bomber- All Grain•Pond Hockey Pale Ale- All Grain•British Pale- All GrainWe have hundreds of other recipes and recipe packs available on our BeerSmith recipe site.Pale ale is flavorful, robust, and smooth to drink.
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Burton pale ale, pale, bitter, XXX, and porter, though at present the use of ale is limited, yet they do a capital trade. The malt house has a capacity of 30,000 bushels.
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Burton Pale Ale became known as India Pale Ale, and the name has stuck. Imperial IPA: A stronger India Pale Ale.
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Burton Pale Ale except for my CI being higher.
Burton Pale Ale All Grain Extra Special/Strong Bitter - English Pale Ale CCHBS Crossbow All Grain Extra Special/Strong Bitter - English
Burton Pale Ale in a near lost style that’s in fact rather dark and sweet — Young’s Winter Warmer is perhaps the most readily available survivor.
Burton Pale Ale is also 1064-1069
Burton pale ale also became popular in the home market.
Burton Pale Ale Pale Ale that is brewed in Burton, where the soft waters with their high quantities of the mineral gypsum were found to be pretty much as perfect as you
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Burton pale ale here, but between them the big Burton brewers and Hodgson of Bow certainly never had a monopoly of the Indian pale ale trade.
Burton Pale Ale Later in the second half of the nineteenth century, the recipe for pale ale was put into use by the Burton upon Trent brewers, notably Bass; ales from
‘Burton pale ale’, and only ales brewed with true Burton water should be able to call themselves that. Same with Pilsner and Pilsner-style beers. I’m not holding my breath on this one though.
Burton Pale Ale because it was so good. German beer is cold and gassy and has no bitterness *snore*.
Burton pale ale produced throughout the early colonies, as British settlers established the first Australian breweries in the mid-19th century.
Burton pale ale was the most fashionhable thing you could drink for twenty years or so in Victorian society - but I do think that beer is different from wine,
Burton Pale Ale – a type of ale used around the late nineteenth century. Burton ales are considered as high-quality ale because of the chemistry of the ingredients used in the drink.
‘Burton Pale Ale’, this is one of the original Pale Ales.
Burton Pale Ale) and my second batch (an American Pale Ale) is in the first stage fermenter.
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