Style : American-Style Brown Ale
Location : United States - Wisconsin
Brewery : Stevens Point

Facts about Burly Brown

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Burly Brown American Brown Ale; Point Cascade Pale Ale, a hoppy American-style pale ale; and Point Amber Classic, an American-style amber lager.
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Burly Brown Stevens Point Brewery American Brown Ale * Caffe Dulce Goose Island Beer Co.
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Burly Brown, Voyageur Extra Pale Ale, and White Ox Wheat Ale. This list is huge, and does not include their non-alcoholic options.
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Burly Brown Ale, Iron Range Amber Lager, Voyageur Extra Pale Ale Cities in 10 mile Radius Almelund, MN Branch, MN Center City, MN
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(Burly Brown) Tips & Tricks (more) * Keg Post Sizes * Brewing Glossary * Brewing Acronyms * Sugar: The different types used/found in beer * Kegging: General Information * Force Carbonation Charts/Calculators * FWH: First Wort Hopping
Burly Brown/Black Finish * Solid Asian Hardwood Construction * Rectangle Table Top 30"H x 32"D x 48" W * Casual Style Originally located in Norfolk,
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