Style : German-Style Schwarzbier
Location : Canada - British Columbia
Brewery : Granville Island

Facts about Brockton Black Lager

Brockton Black Lager Goldeye Ale Pale Low Molson Golden Bluenose India Pale Ale Light Low Alexander Keith India Pale Ale Maple Leaf Ale Light
Brockton Black Lager German-Style Schwarzbier Canada - British Columbia Granville Island Brogen Meadow Pale Ale American-Style Pale Ale United States - New Jersey Krogh's Broke Spoke Pilsner Bohemian-Style Pilsener United States - Wisconsin Lakefront Broken Brick Pale Ale American-Style Pale Ale United States - California Old Baldy
Brockton Black Lager German-Style Schwarzbier Canada - British Columbia 2703 15 1998-04-08 Steamworks (Vancouver) Empress India Pale Ale English-Style India Pale Ale Canada - British Columbia 6072 16½ 2006-09-18 Russell Cream Ale English-Style Dark Mild Ale Canada - British Columbia 6087 16 2006-09-20 Central City Springboard Lager American-Style Lager Canada - British Columbia 6102 16 2006-09-21 Steamworks (Vancouver) Cascadia Cream Ale American Lager/Ale or Cream Ale Canada - British Columbia 6068 15½ 2006-09-18 R&B Pale Ale Classic English-Style Pale Ale
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Brockton Black Lager Had this beer? Canada 71.73 b 6.
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Brockton Black Lager /Gfranvile Island Brewing, usa Grateful Red /usa Gravelines 1987 /-1987, Br Vapeur, Bel Gravenmoer 700 Jaar /-1993, Br de Kroon, Hol Gravensteenbier /Br Bios, Bel Graves de Vayres /?,? Gray Autumn Ale /Gray Brewing, usa Gray Black and Tan /Gray Brewing, usa Gray Bower City Pale Ale /Gray Brewing, usa Gray Classic American Pale Ale /Gray Brewing, usa Gray Classic Oatmeal Stout /Gray Brewing, usa Gray Cream Ale /Gray Brewing, usa Gray Honey Ale /Gray Brewing, usa
Brockton Black Lager is suprisingly flavorful. At 6.5%, the clean malty beverage goes down all to well.
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