Style : Sweet Stout
Location : Canada - Ontario
Brewery : Niagara Falls

Facts about Brock's Extra Stout

Brock's Extra Stout, has also been discontinued. These beers deserve an elegy, and like the history of the Upper Canada Brewing Company, they should be remembered by Bar Towel readers.
Brock's Extra Stout was a very strong, bold beer that lived up to its name.
Brock's Extra Stout, Niagara Trapper Okanagan Spring Brewery Premium Lager, Extra Special Pale Ale, Spring Wheat Beer, Classic Brown Ale, St.
Brock's Extra StoutSweet Stout * Date: October 14, 1997 (#2339)Package: draughtPlace: at the breweryScore: 15 pointsOverall Impression Very very very dark brown,
Brock's Extra Stout, the rest of the 1995-1996 slate is still produced, and the surviving beers should be celebrated.
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Brock's Extra Stout Sweet Stout Canada - Ontario 2339 15 1997-10-14 Niagara Falls Premium Light American-Style Pale Ale Canada - Ontario 2335 16 1997-10-14 Cameron's Auburn Ale Irish-Style Red Ale Canada - Ontario 5374 16 2004-05-01 Molson Ice American-Style Lager Canada - Ontario 2090 13 1997-06-16 Gold Crown Kings Pilsener Bohemian-Style Pilsener
Brock's Extra Stout Sweet Stout Canada - Ontario Niagara Falls Brockton Black Lager German-Style Schwarzbier Canada - British Columbia Granville Island Brogen Meadow Pale Ale American-Style Pale Ale United
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Brock's Extra Stout /Niagara Brewing, can Broeder Adriaan Tripel /Br Gans, Hol Brogne Blonde des Peres , Abbaye de /-1986, Br de Smedt, Bel Brogne Christmas, Abbaye de /-1987, Br