Style : English-Style Brown Ale
Location : United States - Colorado
Brewery : Crabtree

Facts about Boxcar Brown

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"boxcar Brown" and they also told some stories that I had not heard (despite going over this period of history 4 times during college, one of which the class was dedicated to the subject of
Boxcar Brown Ale American Brown Ale ? 3.87 2 write a review Cascade IPA American IPA 6.75 4.
Boxcar Brown Ale: Our American version of the classic brown ale is mahoghany in color with a a nutty malt flavor and citrusy hop aroma. 40 IBU's, 6% ABV.
Boxcar Brown, from Greeley's Crabtree Brewing, refreshed perfectly at the low temperature. * Go to RockyMountainNews.
boxcar brown named "Enterprise" and lettered for "Church Street Station".
Boxcar Brown with white lettering and large, slanted Great Northern on the left side. The car has mineral red trucks and a small GN logo on the right side.
Boxcar Brown and Twisted Creek Wheat revi...
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boxcar brown for revenue service. (N&WHS Archives Collection) When Rails Met Sails / Coverage of our 2001 Convention - Charles "Bucky" H. Wilson, Jr.
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Boxcar Brown at Argonaut (their beer isn't widely available outside of northern Colorado). Any excuse to drink a new beer, ...