Style : Barley Wine-Style Ale
Location : United States - California
Brewery : Pizza Port (Carlsbad)

Facts about Bombshell Barleywine

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Bombshell Barleywine Chicago Beer Society Awards for Other Beer Styles Gold, Specialty/Experimental, Flossmoor Station Brewing Co.
Bombshell Barleywine 67 Barleys Meister Eckhart Spark of the Divine 68 Howe Sound Woolly Bugger 64 Rating Notecard: Beer: Yards Bourbon Old Bartholomew Rating Avg: 3.26 No.
Bombshell Barleywine American Barleywine 9.8% 3.500 5 Pizza Port Brewers Bitter ESB Extra Special Bitter - 3.
Bombshell Barleywine /Carlsbad Pizza Port, usa Carlsberg Ice /Brewery Carlsberg, Den Carlsberg Beer /Brewery Carlsberg, Den Carlsberg C47 /Brewery Carlsberg, Den Carlsberg Dansk LA /Brewery Carlsberg, Den Carlsberg Dark 19b /Brewery Carlsberg, Den Carlsberg Elephant /Brewery Carlsberg, Den Carlsberg Elephant Strong Beer /Brewery Carlsberg, Den Carlsberg Gamle /Brewery Carlsberg, Den Carlsberg Gammel Porter /Brewery Carlsberg, Den Carlsberg Imperial Stout /Brewery Carlsberg, Den Carlsberg Let /Brewery Carlsberg, Den Carlsberg Master Brew /Brewer Carlsberg, Den Carlsberg Paskebryg /Brewer Carlsberg, Den Carlsberg Pilsner HOF /Brewer Carlsberg, Den Carlsberg Special Brew /Brewery Carlsberg, Den Carlton Black Label /*Onder licentie* National Brewery, Zimb Carlton Crown Lager /Carlton Brewery, aus
Bombshell Barleywine Rubicon Brewing Co., California Nice combination of sweet malt and floral hop aromas. Golden-amber color.
Bombshell Barleywine * Pizza Port (Carlsbad) Broken Keg Ice Bock * Pizza Port (Carlsbad) Red Square * Pizza Port (Carlsbad) Z-U-Later Doppelbock * Platte Valley Stout * Plzeňský Prazdroj Pilsner Urquell * Podkováň Světlý Ležák / Lager * Porterhouse TSB / Turner's Sticklebract Bitter * Porterhouse Wrasslers XXXX Stout * Portland Benchmark Old Ale * Portland MacTarnahan's Ale * Potosi Brown Ale * Pyramid (Berkeley) IPA * Pyramid (Kalama) Hart Espresso Stout * Radeberger Pilsener * Radegast Premium * Randy's Fun Hunters Pale Ale * Rathaus Naturtrüb * RCH
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Bombshell Barleywine Anderson Valley Boont Amber Ale (bottled) Anderson Valley Boont Amber Ale Pacific Tap and Grill Bootjack Amber Pizzeria Uno (Metuchen) Bootlegger Blonde Ale
Bombshell Barleywine Barley Wine-Style Ale United States - California Pizza Port (Carlsbad) Bon-Secours Bière Vivante!! Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale Belgium - Hainaut Caulier Bonator German-Style Strong Doppelbock Germany - Bayern Weißenoher Bond Street 19th Anniversary Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale United States - Oregon Deschutes Boomers Red Ale (Special) Best Bitter Canada - British Columbia Central City Boont Amber Ale
Bombshell Barleywine 8 5/31/2008 Pizza Port Carlsbad While The Cats Away IPA 8 5/31/2008 Pizza Port Fools Gold Barleywine 8 5/31/2008 Pizza Port Red Square Imperial Stout 8 5/31/2008 Pizza Port Synergy 8 5/31/2008 Pizza Port Z U Later Doppelbock 8 5/31/2008 Pizzeria Uno Gust-N-Gale Porter 8 5/31/2008 Pizzeria Uno Ikes India Pale Ale 8 5/31/2008 Pizzeria Uno Oatmeal Stout 8 5/31/2008 Pizzeria Uno Station House Red Ale 8 5/31/2008 Port Brewing Santas Little Helper 8 5/31/2008 RJ Blonde dAchouffe 8