Style : Traditional German-Style Bock
Location : Germany - Bayern
Brewery : Reh

Facts about Bock Dunkel

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Bock Dunkel Biermanufaktur ENGEL Bock * Házmela Rusa La Chingonería Russian Imperial Stout * Salvator Paulaner Brauerei Doppelbock * Abel Mikkeller American Imperial / Double Stout * Bajuvator Doppelbock Tucher Bräu Doppelbock See Jonathan's Distinct Beers Jonathan's
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BOCK DUNKEL ANDECHS DOPPEL BOCK DUNKEL'); //-> ANDECHS DOPPEL BOCK DUNKEL Clicca per ingrandire Produttore: ANDECHS klosterbrauerei Provenienza: Baviera Gradazione: 7,1% Colore: Rosso scuro Formato: 0,50 lt Prezzo: 3,50
-Bock Dunkel, worth seeking out, but I prefer to spend my bucks on stellar American renditions of the style. For starters, look to Oregon-based Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale.
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Bock Dunkel was very pleasing. I was happy to spend my morning reading in this very quiet pub.
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