Style : Robust Porter
Location : United States - Hawaii
Brewery : Kona

Facts about Black Sand Porter

Black Sand Porter Robust Porter Fire Rock Pale Ale American-Style Pale Ale Lilikoi Wheat Ale Garden (Fruit Wheat) Beer Long-Board Lager Dortmunder/European-Style Export Pacific Golden Ale American-Style Pale Ale Pipeline Porter
Black Sand Porter, Kona Brewing Company, Kailua-Kona, HI Bronze: Edmund Fitzgerald, Great Lakes Brewing Company, Cleveland, OH Category: 59 Brown Porter-41 Entries Gold: Pete Brown Tribute Ale, Bear Republic Brewing Co., Inc.
Black Sand Porter is not bad. Although I didn't try any of their food, their menu items look tasty; and the neighboring diners looked like they were enjoying their meals.
Black Sand Porter is great! I like dark stouts and porters; oatmeal stouts and chocolate stouts are my favorite.
Black Sand Porter beer, followed by baked garlic & home-made focaccia & melted gorgonzola dip, and an Imu Pork Sandwich on their homemade bread.
Black Sand Porter Kona Castaway IPA Kona Da Grind Buzz Kona Coffee Imperial Stout Kona Da Grind Buzz Kona Coffee Imperial Stout Kona Dukes Draft Blonde Ale Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale Kona Hula Hefeweizen Kona Koko Loco Coconut Stout Kona Lavaman Red Ale Kona Lilikoi Wheat Ale Kona LongBoard Lager Kona Mac Nut Brown Ale Kona Old Blowhole Barley Wine Kona Pipeline Porter Kona Uncles Dunkel
Black Sand PorterRobust PorterAwards: * Gold Medal, 2005 Great American Beer Festival * Silver Medal, 2004 Great American Beer Festival * Date: September
Black Sand Porter is aged in wood for six to eight months and is made from the base beer of the Kona Brewing Porter.
Black Sand Porter Blonde Doppelbock Blue Moon Boont Amber Ale Bourbon Country Stout BridgePort India Pale Ale BridgePort Old Knucklehead Brooklyn Lager Brooklyn Local 1
BLACK SAND PORTER I have not tried, but love the heavy dark beers, my husband is more a fan of the lighter ones, and they have IPA, Blonde, and Pale Ales to suit his taste.
Black Sand Porter is a robust, full bodied porter with pronounced bittersweet chocolate flavor and aroma from the diverse variety of malt
Black Sand Porter on Friday, May 19, at 4 p.m.
Black Sand Porter Kona Brewing Company American Porter Black Strap Stout BridgePort Brewing Company American Stout Black Wheat New Glarus Brewing Company Dunkel Weizen
Black Sand Porter, so she takes the keg and we have Longboard Lager in the bottle.
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Black Sand Porter 8 5/09/2011 Kona Cascadia Red Ale 8 Actually had the barrel aged, but it's not on here.
Black Sand Porter Robust Porter United States - Hawaii 5438 16 2004-09-30 4th Street Powell Porter Robust Porter United States - Oregon 5437 18 2004-09-30 4th Street Eager Beaver IPA American-Style India Pale Ale United States - Oregon
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