Style : American-Style India Pale Ale
Location : United States - Wisconsin
Brewery : Tyranena

Facts about Bitter Woman IPA

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Bitter Woman IPA beer this small brewery has found success.
Bitter Woman IPA to New Glarus’ own Fat Squirrel to Monty Python Holy Grail Ale help make browsing the beer section a whimsical adventure.
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Bitter Woman IPA; warm confit of duck and cherry salad with Monks Café Flemish Red Ale; maple syrup-glazed stuffed pork chops with Smuttynose Big Brown Ale; and Scotch Ale chocolate mousse with
'Bitter Woman IPA' is their flagship beer and is really awesome if you like a good IPA. http://www.tyranena.
Bitter Woman IPA at my local liquor store in St.
Bitter Woman IPAAmerican-Style India Pale Ale * Date: August 18, 2001 (#3898)Package: draughtPlace: Bluegrass and Brews Fest, Green Bay WIScore: 19 pointsOverall Impression Golden, low carbonation, thick head. Big fresh spicy hop aroma.
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Bitter Woman IPA - Lest we forget Aunt Cal, an early resident of Lake Mills. Local history remembers her for blindly running into a hitching post and saying, "Excuse me, Dr.
Bitter Woman IPA is our Wisconsin variation of an India Pale Ale... * Scurvy Tyranena Scurvy IPA- Tyranena Brewing Company, Lake M...
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Bitter Woman IPA, especially since it was only $2.50. It was "not a big investment". To my very uneducated palate, it was quite hoppy, but not very bitter, with a hint of citrus.
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Bitter Woman IPA « The Captain’s Chair Says: April 1st, 2009 at 11:14 am with a huge fluffy head into my trusty Sam Adams pint glass that, according to
Bitter Woman IPA and Headless Man Amber Alt have a tasting room and beer garden, with their seasonals, special brews and year-rounders on tap. No food is served, but you're welcome to bring in the summer sausage and curds from your travels.
Bitter Woman IPA - as good of an everyday kind of beer as you're going to find on this list; it's perfectly balanced, and while it's progeny (bitter woman from hell, scurvy, hop
Bitter Woman IPA by Tyranena Brewing (Lake Mills, WI) - Hard Lemonade by Sand Creek Brewing (Black River Falls, WI) - Wisconsin Belgian Red by New Glarus Brewing (New Glarus, WI) Mix & Enjoy! We mixed the Sand Creek Hard Lemonade together with the New Glarus
Bitter Woman IPA American IPA 1 6.7 100% $1.40, 1 serving, 12 oz.
Bitter Woman IPA is our Wisconsin variation of an India Pale Ale. This beer is intensely bitter with a mighty hop flavor and aroma.