Style : Foreign (Export)-Style Stout
Location : Belize
Brewery : Belize

Facts about Belikin Stout

Belikin Stout Belle Gueule Blonde dEte Belle Gueule Lager dHiver Belle Gueule Originale Belle Gueule Pilsner Belle Gueule Rousse Belle Isle El Diablo Ale Belle Isle Wild Marys Wheat Belle-Vue Framboise Belle-Vue Gueuze Belle-Vue Kriek Bells Amber Ale Bells Batch 8000 Bells Best Brown Ale
Belikin Stout Berliner Kindl Bernard Biere Celtia Big Sky Moose Drool Birra Morretti Bitburger Bitburger Light Black Sheep Ale Blackthorn Cider Blanche de Bruxelles Blue Girl Pilsner Lager Beer Blue Moon Belgium White Blue Moon Full Moon Winter Ale Blue Moon Honey Moon Summer Ale Blue Moon Pumpkin Blue Moon Rising Moon
Belikin stout, which I prefer to all of the above.
Belikin Stout is one of the finest Stouts I have tasted anywhere. The description above sums it up pretty well. I wish they would export it to the US.
Belikin stout and a huge plate of pork chow mein (which I didn't finish because of its enormity).
Belikin stout, seems to ease the pain of not being able to connect with the outside world.
Belikin Stout, Belikin Premium and Lighthouse Lager.
Belikin Stout, and one of the greatest things I've ever tasted, a locally-brewed 7.5% Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.
Belikin stout beers and we were good. We checked out the market, but didn’t see much of interest. So we went and bought some alcohol to enjoy on the beach.
Belikin Stout is great, and their version of Guinness is hands down one of the best beers I've had. 7.5% and complex.
Belikin Stout Belize Brewing Company Ladyville, Belize 10-28-2008 3 - Bells Expedition Stout Winter seasonal Bells Brewery Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA 01-25-2007 5 - Bells Java Stout Winter seasonal
Belikin stout and, under license, Guinness stout, and almost completely dominates the beer market in Belize; Belize Aquaculture Ltd.
belikin stout or 5 barrel works just fine inplace of the hard to find and really expensive wine......
Belikin Stout on 2/12/2012 & rated 89 points: - Aromas of dusty and has flavours of black currant and dusty with a medium finish - Very good for this
Belikin stout – awesome! Also try the fried conch fritters and some of the Wet Lizard’s own After Burner hot sauce (I bought some from the gift shop downstairs). Debarkation. The usual short wait.
Belikin Stout) and sports a picture of the country’s most popular Mayan ruin site, Altun Ha, an important trading and agricultural town that peaked from 300 to 1000 AD.
Belikin Stout, Belikin Lager, and The Belikin Premium. All beer recipes came from the original brew masters of the company, who are genuinely from the country of beer—Germany.
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Belikin stout beer at some point during our trip. The next day, and without saying a word, our fridge was stocked with that beer.
Belikin Stout (my favorite of the Belikin beers) and continued to relax the day away on the beach in lounge chairs, in the water off the pier (nice clear water free