Style : Belgian-Style Tripel
Location : United States - Wisconsin
Brewery : Rock Bottom (Milwaukee)

Facts about Belgian Trippel

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Belgian Trippel style ales: Final Absolution from Dragonmead, mentioned above, New Holland's Black Tulip, a drier and hoppier Trippel-now back in stock, and Sapient Trip Ale, a brand new treat from the
Belgian trippel with notes of banana and cloves and a nice bitter finish. Just like the turnpike itself.
Belgian Trippel is a very special type of beer. A Belgian Trippel could be called the beer version of a Champagne.
Belgian Trippel, but the resulting brew was a lovely golden ale color. At about 9-1/2 percent alcohol it seemed innapropriate to call it a double.
Belgian Trippel Comments: I really like this strain. By top cropping the strain from a Belgian single it's now on generation #6. I start fermentation low at 62F and let it naturally rise.
Belgian Trippel - Beers ALL GRAIN Origin: Belgium Available size: 48 Litres Alc./ Vol.
Belgian Trippel and an Imperial Blonde Ale! In the area? Swing by! Help us drink it! Read more... Add new comment Homebrew Beer Reviews = 08.11.
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Belgian Trippel, Sweet * Where Tasted Fiztgerald's on 11/02/2012 * Cost £3.