Style : Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale
Location : United States - California
Brewery : Santa Rosa

Facts about Belgian Blonde

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Belgian Blonde, some sites are calling this beer a Belgian Pale Ale, and historically this could be true. The reason it may be getting called a Belgian Pale Ale is because of history.
Belgian Blonde Ale 233 Bohemian Pilsener 62 American Pale Ale 134 Belgian Dark Strong Ale 244 Classic American Pilsener 63
Belgian Blonde’s are all together, German Wheat beers are all together etc etc. This allows customers to try other beers of a style that they enjoy.
Belgian Blonde Ale Recipe for Homebrewers 13.
Belgian Blonde Ale Saison Dupont Biologique Belgian Blonde Ale $ 13.50 Add to Cart An organic Belgian Saison-style blond ale. 750ml bottle with cork & cradle. Alcohol is 5.
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Belgian Blonde is a wonderful interpretation of a classic style. Belgian Blonde - A light, smooth Blonde Ale with a distinct medium dry finish.
Belgian Blonde Ale that earned him every homebrewer’s dream of being featured in Zymurgy Magazine.
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Belgian Blonde Ale, SaisonProfile: A very versatile ale strain from Belgium. Excellent for Belgian stout and Belgian Specialty ales.
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