Style : German-Style Strong Doppelbock
Location : United States - Wisconsin
Brewery : Capital

Facts about Autumnal Fire

Autumnal Fire, available in the spring & fall respectively, are the 'cornerstones' of this series.
Autumnal Fire was more Oktoberfest than Dopplebock, while the "original" recipe was definitely more "dopple", more full-bodied and complex.
autumnal fire in a rustic, convivial fireplace (How the sticks crackle and spew flames and glittering sparks!) Strikes me especially pleasant this evening.
Autumnal Fire, which is more of a dopplebock trapped in an Oktoberfest's body; the Bamboozleator is much more in-line with the
Autumnal Fire, which is a doppelbock - it is on...See MoreCapital has a beer for every palate, for every season.
autumnal fire Hus might be the most consequential pre-Lutheran Christian religious reformer, and the Hussite faith he founded still persists to this day.
Autumnal Fire is bready and sweet but an easy drink with a high ABV. Bigfoot is a hoppy, fruity barleywine.
Autumnal Fire Bavarian Lager Blonde Doppelbock Brown Ale Capital 1900 Dark Doppelbock Fest Kloster Weizen Maibock Munich Dark Oktoberfest Special Pilsner Weizen Doppelbock Winter Skal Wisconsin Amber Capitol City Brewing Company Amber Waves Ale Bull Run Bitter Capitol Kolsch Nut Brown Ale Pale Rider
“Autumnal Fire” vegetation colors in northern Wisconsin. Scott Bachmeier provides an animation of 7 days during September and October.
Autumnal Fire My Response to Sally Mason’s Response to Stephen Bloom → Very Bad News for Congress and Worse News for Republicans: New Polling Data = Dec 15 Posted by Beerpundit It will come as little
Autumnal Fire - November 1st, 2011 Autumnal burning evening landscape Calm burning red evening of late autumn.
Autumnal Fire-beers that are complex andsmooth-drinking, cold and refreshing, relatively light without abusing the privilege.
Autumnal Fire, so can't comment on the others.. but if they are on that list, they must be good.
Autumnal fire-side dinners and warm ups of tea.
Autumnal Fire EKU 28 Eggenberg Urbock 23° Moretti La Rossa Samuel Adams Double Bock Spaten Optimator Tucher Bajuvator Weihenstephaner Korbinian Weltenburger Kloster Asam-Bock Paulaner Salvator comments Most versions are dark colored and may display the caramelizing and melanoidin effect of decoction mashing, but excellent pale versions also exist.
Autumnal Fire from Capital Brewery in Madison, WI. This huge beer has a very limited run and is best from a brandy snifter.
Autumnal Fire Beer and a score of 8.81! That beer has a little more zing in it than other BEERS! A blazing rich beer, this is a doppelbock based on an Oktoberfest personality.
Autumnal Fire and Island Wheat, Capital has a large selection of beer with a distinct German influence. They tend to specialize in malty and dark selections.
Autumnal Fire, Three Floyds’ warped view of pale ales to create Alpha King, or Bell’s version of the wheat beer to give us Oberon.
Autumnal fire on the horizon for which we've sought.
Autumnal Fire is a very tasty dopplebock/oktoberfest crossover, but also won't be available for a few months. How 'bout a Dunkelweizen or Hefe Weizen...
Autumnal Fire Beer - Capital Brewery's dopplebock is not one to chug-a-lug in large quantities like it's the first warm night of Summerfest.
Autumnal Fire-$7 Seafood Provencal Wood grilled U-10 Scallops, Jumbo Shrimp & Asparagus served on a bed of penne pasta tossed in a tomato caper Provencal sauce -29 Suggested pairings: Foris Pinot Gris-$9, Sprecher Abbey Triple-$7 Aztec Kissed Ahi
autumnal fire The embers still seer in the memories of the martyr's pyre Supplicating his mercy, benevolent and benign Conjure the congregation in the abysmal shrine Refute the absolute, the shrouding
autumnal fire in North America's forests Borne Free Free travel is the most satisfying of all.