Style : Barley Wine-Style Ale
Location : United States - Washington
Brewery : Pyramid (Kalama)

Facts about Anniversary Barleywine

Anniversary Barleywine ale that won a medal at the Colorado State Fair. In addition to the product labels, I also designed tap handles, posters, banners and t-shirts.
Anniversary BarleywineBarley Wine-Style Ale * Date: December 13, 1994 (#647)Package: draughtPlace: The HopYard, Pleasanton CAScore: 15 pointsOverall Impression Hazy dark yellow. Bitter and strong aroma.
Anniversary Barleywine (yes, they've been around longer than you thought!), Dubhe Imperial Black IPA, Cockeyed Cooper Bourbon Barrel-aged Barleywine, Detour Double IPA, Labyrinth Black Ale, and Tilted Imperial Pils.
Anniversary Barleywine that was on sale i did have one the other night but didnt really notice any real butterscotch flavor - but will see on the next one
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Anniversary Barleywine); Victory Brewing of Pennsylvania (Ranch S Double IPA); Weyerbacher Brewing of Pennsylvania (Weyerbacher Fifteen).
Anniversary Barleywine * Return of the Mack * Sorry! * ► November (15)
Anniversary Barleywine) On September 1st, the building that houses the General Lafayette Inn and Brewery was given a 275th anniversary party by its current occupants.
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Anniversary Barleywine—Hoppy, but with a rich, warming feel—a hot toddy in a beer bottle. Smuttynose: Barleywine—Smells sweet and fruity, tastes like caramel, almost syruppy, like a sherry.
Anniversary Barleywine that has shown early signs of being excellent. Mild, hop-roasted Nut Brown and a newfangled Oktoberfest are scheduled for autumn.
Anniversary Barleywine|The Craft Review #25:39 Add to Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Barleywine|The Craft Review #2by TheCraftReview 134 views * The Beer Heads: Sierra Nevada Ovila 2x4 | Beer Reviews #1713:35 Add to The Beer Heads: Sierra Nevada Ovila 2x4 | Beer Reviews #171by TheRealBeerHeads 63 views * The Beer Heads: Sierra Nevada Ovila Bourbon Barrel Aged Trippel | Beer Review #1703:23 Add to The Beer Heads: Sierra Nevada Ovila Bourbon Barrel Aged
Anniversary Barleywine11/09/2008, 3:56 AM Filed under: Barleywine Style Ale (snifter), Uinta | Tags: acrid, beautiful, beautiful lacing, burnt, cherry, deep, figs, hoppy, light viscosity, lingers, long finish, mold, nicely balanced, oak, peaches, pricey, roses, ruby, sponge, static, sweet, tan head, very dry, very nice, whiskey, wine, wonderful uinta-15th-anniversary-11-8-2008-10-32-37-pm uinta-15th-anniversary-11-8-2008-10-35-09-pm uinta-15th-anniversary-11-8-2008-10-35-20-pm uinta-15th-anniversary-11-8-2008-10-35-36-pm uinta-15th-anniversary-11-8-2008-10-35-51-pm uinta-15th-anniversary-11-8-2008-10-36-06-pm I picked up a 6 of this brew on spec at Super Saver Pennington for about $11. It’s 10.4% ABV in 12 oz.