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Style : Belgian-Style Tripel
Location : Belgium - Vlaams Brabant
Brewery : Affligem

Facts about Affligem Tripel

affligem tripel affligem abbey affligem belgium affligem noel affligem triple Affligem Tripel 750ml Affligem Tripel 750ml The pride of abbey beers. Its amber color and distinctive bitterness is bolstered by 8.5% alcohol.
Affligem Tripel - King of the abbey beers. Delivers a complex, full bodied flavour. Vibrant orangey-amber coloured with a slight haze. Soft, thick creamy head - luscious to behold.
Affligem Tripel Affligem Brouwerij (formerly Brouwerij de Smedt) Trippel * Allies Win the War! 21st Amendment Brewery American Amber / Red Ale * Amnesia IPA
Affligem Tripel Affligem Tripel Information - Style: Tripel Affligem Tripel beer won the gold medal at the European Beer Star Competition in Nuremberg, Germany in 2006.
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Affligem Tripel (Belgium) * Saku Tume (Estonia) * Waterloo Dark (Canada) * Yuengling (US) Shown Above: Beer Passports will be sold for $8, and include a 3.5 ounce sample of each of our 11 beer offerings.
Affligem Tripel Local Customs (14) This is another traditional pale abbey ale (not a trappist however). This is also pretty strong (8.5%) but still...
Affligem Tripel), illustrate in aggregate what sort of ingredients homebrewers use, or contrast homebrewed beers with commercial examples.
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Affligem Tripel Abbey Ale, brewed under agreement with the Benedictine order, has delicious honey and apricot notes that would go marvelously with pork dishes.
Affligem Tripel (750 ml) Lindemans Peche Lindemans Cassis Affligem Dubbel Abbey Ale (750 ml) Barbar Honey Ale Lindemans Pomme Delirium Tremens De Troch Chapeau Pineapple Lindemans
Affligem Tripel got gold medal and Affligem Blond silver. In the category Belgian Style Ale, Brugse Zot achieved golden medal.
Affligem Tripel Dos Equis X Foster´s Aventinus Eisbock Fischer Duvel Duchesse de Bourgogne - 75 cl. Duchesse de Bourgogne - 25 cl.
Affligem Tripel has the highest percentage of alcohol by volume, but that's not the only reason to keep a bottle sweating in the fridge, awaiting your pleasure.
Affligem Tripel PostPosted: Tue - Sep, 19 2006 - 3:27 pm Post subject: Reply with quote - 2 - Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA: Milton, DE: It's good, but I can think of at least a half dozen better IPAs off the top of my head.
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Affligem Tripel My personal favorite of the true Belgian brewed tripels, this beer has a georgeous carmel-hued yet light color, great head and is incredibly drinkable, especially with white meats (chicken, fish,