Style : Belgian-Style Dubbel
Location : United States - New York
Brewery : Ommegang

Facts about Abbey Dubbel

Abbey Dubbel - Abbey Tripel - Abt/Quadrupel - Amber/Red - American Pale Ale - American Strong Ale - Barley Wine - Belgian Strong Dark Ale - Belgian Strong Pale Ale -
Abbey Dubbel = This is an exceptionally complex beer with many interwoven flavors.
Abbey Dubbel = Winner of the silver medal at the 2008 Great American Beer Festival, this Belgian-style Abbey Dubbel is an exceptionally complex beer with many interwoven flavors.
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Abbey Dubbel is an exceptionally complex beer with many interwoven flavors. This classic-style Abbey beer features an immense head with a fruity nose and a generous body.
(Abbey Dubbel) calls for Creamy Brown UME. The guy at the shop said Pale Malt Extract would work fine.
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ABBEY DUBBEL $9 Smooth brown ale with slight notes of berry and chocolate. Pleasant on the palate with a light malt flavor. 7.5% HOUBLON CHOUFFE $9 Belgian tripel IPA.
Abbey Dubbel result in the flavor of chocolate-covered bananas. It's a fun combination to try. Ganache truffles' bittersweet creaminess gets a snappy, acidic contrast from Belgian sour ales.
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Abbey Dubbel Ovila Abbey Ales will closely follow the traditions established by centuries of monastic brewing.
Abbey Dubbel My best Abbey Dubbel yet! I have it on tap for special occasions. This will knock you out. Recipe 10.0 lbs 2-row 2.0 lbs wheat 2.
Abbey Dubbel hit the taps today, and holy guacamole! it is good! Brewed with Pilsner, Munich, Wheat, Special B and Caramel 60L malts, Belgian Dark Candi Syrup, Turbinado Sugar, Magnum, Sterling and Kent Goldings hops
(abbey dubbel) Dupont Moinette Blond (abbey tripel) Dupont Saison Dupont Bio Foret (saison) Dupont Biere de Miel (saison) Dupont Avril (saison) Dupont Posca Rustica (traditional) Scheldebrouwerij Hop Ruiter (abbey tripel)
Abbey Dubbel, Beer Reviews, Sierra Nevada BrewingDan | February 8, 2012 | Comments (0) Sierra Nevada OvilaFrom Sierra Nevada - Ovila Abbey Dubbel is brewed in the abbey tradition, and perfect for the re-birth of spring.
Abbey Dubbel style and is a smooth drinking rich dark brown ale with fantastic aromas of caramel and warming alcohol. GOLD CUP 4.
Abbey Dubbel Country: Belgium Brewery: Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan Brewery Website: Click Here Tweet Quantity: Style Description: Abbey Dubbel These are dark, malty, yeasty strong ales in the Trappist tradition, but produced (mainly) by secular brewers. Dubbels range between 6.
Abbey Dubbel Ovila Abbey Dubbel is brewed in the abbey tradtion, and perfect for the rebirth of spring.
Abbey Dubbel Ale 2011: Gold Medal Complete Awards List Beer Drinker Reviews: Beer Advocate Rate Beer Partner Login | Sitemap | Contact UsPrivacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Brewed and bottled by Goose Island Beer Co.
Abbey Dubbel Cheese Fondue Fondue is very good with white wine, however, we prefer it with Flying Fish Abbey Dubbel - it just gives it that extra something special! 1/2 pound imported
Abbey Dubbel Almond Brittle Milk Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream - Makes 4 servings Ingredients: 2 cups finely chopped almond brittle (recipe below) 2 quarts heavy cream 1 quart whole milk 1 tablespoon corn syrup 1-1/4 cups milk powder 2-1/4 cups sugar 28 egg yolks 3 bottles Flying Fish Belgian Abbey Dubbel 2
Abbey Dubbel that I had aged 4-5 months in a barrel with a group of friends. Now it is split in 2 5 gallon corny kegs.
Abbey Dubbel is inspired by the centuries-old brewing traditions of Belgian Trappist monks. Named after Belgium's oldest medieval fest, every bottle of Ommegang is cause for celebration.
Abbey Dubbel brings the centuries-old monastery brewing tradition to America. Ovila Abbey Dubbel features a complex and rich malty sweetness with hints of carmelized sugar.
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Abbey Dubbel ale is brewed with Belgian malt and golden brown sugar for a malty, complex ale that is lightly hopped.
Abbey Dubbel and Oktoberfish Photo of Jennifer A.
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Abbey Dubbel Delicate and complex maltiness combined with slightly higher-than-average strength makes this a real crowd-pleaser. sku# 11000AD Flavor: Malty ABV: 4.