Style : American-Style Pale Ale
Location : United States - Georgia
Brewery : Sweetwater

Facts about 420 Extra Pale Ale

420 Extra Pale Ale * Kingfisher * Yuengling Premium Beer - Budweiser American Ale beer Upload an Image Essentials Beer Budweiser ​American ​Ale Terrapin ​Hopzilla ​Double ​IPA The Smart Rating is
420 Extra Pale ale SweetWater 420 * SweetWater Sch'Wheat SweetWater Sch'Wheat * SweetWater Georgia Brown SweetWater Georgia Brown -
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420 Extra Pale Ale -This would have to be classified as Atlanta's most popular micro-brew. Sweetwater offers a full line of beers, but this is their most popular selection.
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420 Extra Pale Ale is Sweetwater’s signature beer for good reason.
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420 Extra Pale Ale Bread Makes the Most of Local Flavor for Fall Whole Foods Market Provides Low-interest Loans to Three Georgia Producers May 23rd, 2008 Sweet Water Growers,
420 Extra Pale AleSweetwaterBeverages- Imported Beers (we also serve many of your favorite mixed drinks!) Bass (british pale ale)Harp (irish golden lager)Newcastle (british brown ale)Peroni (italian golden lager)Pilsner Urquell (czech golden
420 EXTRA PALE ALE Crisp, easy-drinking pale ale that has become one of the most popular craft brews in Atlanta. RateBeer rating: 3.36 Beer Advocate rating: 3.
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420 Extra Pale Ale and a host of tasty brews, began its dream of free beer till their dying day in a seedy office park on the west side of Atlanta in 1996.
420 Extra Pale Ale and a host of tasty brews, began its dream of free beer ‘til their dying day in an isolated office park near Sweetwater Creek State Park on the west side
420 Extra Pale Ale, Blue, IPA, and Georgia Brown, as well as a slew of Catch and Release seasonals, and the Dank Tank series of experimental beers.
420 Extra Pale Ale is Sweetwater's flagship beer and is about as hoppy as a Pale Ale can be.
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420 Extra Pale Ale and its fish to Bell's Concecrator Dopplebock with its pair of billy goat heads. I also decided personally to avoid mythical creatures for my personal contribution.
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420 Extra Pale Ale // Brewmasters Warehouse Home" Recipes" American Ale" American Pale Ale" Anonymous: Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale ... Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale.
420 Extra Pale Ale (front), ESB, 420, Blue, IPA, Exodus Porter (back) GA-SWT-5 Sweet Georgia Brown Terrapin Brewing Co GA-TERR-1 Athens Terrapin Rye P.A.
420 Extra Pale Ale, the brewery’s biggest seller, is used by Whole Food Market Bakehouse in suburban Alpharetta to make bread.
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